Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day on 22nd April, our Director of Bars, Martin Siska and the talented Scarfes Bar team have created a limited edition bottled cocktail, in partnership with Bruichladdich’s The Classic Laddie whisky.

The Earth Laddie

Introducing the Earth Laddie, an earthy and complex concoction that cleverly combines leftover produce otherwise destined to be wasted, to enjoy at home.

This cocktail is a heady mix of Bruichladdich’s The Classic Laddie and Fino Dos Palmas Sherry for a distinctive salinity evocative of the ocean. Mixed with the tartness of fermented apples and the sweet woodiness of parsnips, the resulting liquid is smooth and delicate, with multiple layers of flavour.


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Cocktails with Conscience

In a sensitive nod to the environment around us, the fruit and vegetables used in the drink have been rescued from local markets, where they were considered surplus and headed for refusal. Apples were specifically chosen due to the vast numbers that get wasted in the UK, with 25% of produce ending up in the bin.

The Earth Day partnership between Scarfes Bar and Bruichladdich is inspired by the distillery’s sustainable approach to making whisky, challenging people to recognise the importance of transparency and prompting them to question what is really in their drink. Bruichladdich is the first B Corp Scotch distillery, meaning they use their business as a force for good, putting people and the planet in line with profit when it comes to decision making. Each bottle of their Classic Laddie has a unique code on the bottle, which can be entered on the Bruichladdich website to see the unique whisky recipe including the barley provenance and cask types of each batch, demonstrating the distillery’s pledge of transparency in action. In addition, the Trees for Cities charity have committed to planting a new tree for every bottle sold.

Find out more about Bruichladdich’s transparency pledge below:

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